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Anthemono (Novello wine)

Grapes: Barbera (80%), Merlot (20%).

Vinification: the wine-making process used for this wine is called carbonic maceration. Whole bunches of grapes are placed into a steel tank filled with carbon dioxide and left there for about one week. In this process, an "intracellular fermentation" takes place within the fruit which determines the typical aroma of this wine and lowers its acidity. Afterwards, the grapes are extracted from the tank, placed into the wine press and pressed. The must so obtained ferments at low temperature and, after the fermentation, is immediately clarified and stabilized.

Bottling: Anthemono is sterile filtered and bottled and then put on the market at the beginning of November.

Tasting notes: clear ruby in colour, with purple highlights. Fruit and flower scents; the mouthfeel is plush and reminiscent of the pleasant aroma. It is widely known that the Novello wine can best express its character between bottling and the beginning of Spring. It is advisable to drink it within this period of time. This wine can be paired with any food: sweet and savoury dishes are a perfect match for this Autumn wine.

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