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Edonè Edonè

Grapes: Pinot Noir (100%).

Vinification: the grapes are hand harvested when they are still not fully ripe, so as to keep a high level of acidity; they are gently pressed with no addition of sulphur dioxide. The first-pressing must is clarified and filtered and then undergoes fermentation with wild yeasts at a controlled temperature. At the end of the fermentation process, the wine is left in contact with its lees for 5 months at least; then it is filtered and undergoes a second fermentation in a sealed tank, which gives rise to this Metodo Martinotti sparkling wine.

Bottling: Edonè is bottled around April and is marketed after about 1 month.

Tasting notes: straw yellow colour with delicate coppery highlights and a beautiful perlage; scents of white flowers and freshly-cut grass; mid-structured and fresh in the mouth. Excellent when served as an aperitif; paired with summer dishes, it goes well with the whole meal.

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