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Grapes: Ughetta di Canneto, also known as Vespolina (100%). It's an indigenous Oltrepò Pavese grape rarely grown nowadays on our hills.

Vinification: the grapes are hand harvested when slightly overripe; as a matter of fact, the maturation of tannins follows sugar ripening. Once the grapes have been pressed with no addition of sulphur dioxide, the must is inoculated with wild yeasts and then left to macerate for a short period of time at low temperature, so as to enhance the spicy character of the wine and to avoid an excessive tannic bite. Once the alcoholic fermentation is completed, malolactic fermentation takes over; the wine is then racked and made ready for bottling.

Bottling: Vespolino is clarified and then filtered, bottled and put on the market after a few weeks.

Tasting notes: Vespolino is a unique and very palatable wine with a bright ruby red colour. It has a characteristic aroma of green pepper, spices and wild fruit and a sharp, pleasant tannic taste with a forest-floor note in the background. This wine is a perfect match for cured pork meats, or even for red and white meats and fatty fish.

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